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"Let the music keep our spirits high"-       Jackson Browne

Deer Creek


Back in May 2012 Deer Creek Coffeehouse (DCC) started its monthly acoustic series with the duo Wishing Chair. Hard to believe that we averaged just 34 that first season and that the average attendance increased every year until COVID closed us down in March 2020; we returned with indoor live shows in March 2022.

We are instituting a few new changes to the 2023-2024 season. First off, we're introducing a fluid suggested donation amount of $15-17 for shows this year. In addition, we are only allowing reservations for one show at a time to cut down on the number of cancellations and no regrets (See reservation policy link).

DCC operates under the auspices of Grace Memorial Episcopal Church (GMEC) in Darlington, MD and uses the GMEC Parish Hall for all of its shows. A portion of the kitchen proceeds is donated to the Darlington Twice Blessed Thrift Shop and the GMEC Food Pantry.

DCC is a proud member of Folk Alliance International, an international organization that promotes and supports all type of folk music and venues that present such music. Most acts are booked through the regional conferences such as the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) and Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA) conferences.

If you're not familiar with any of the upcoming artists or their music tune your ears to their websites found on the Performers link. Where else do you get a chance to interact with the artists and hear the stories behind their songs? So, come listen, have a cup of coffee, tap your foot, hum, smile, or maybe even sing along.
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