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Reservation Policy

If you are interested in attending any of the shows this season, it is strongly suggested that you make a reservation for the show in which you are interested as we have people coming quite a distance for some of our shows. You can make the reservation by clicking the "Reserve" button for the respective artist(s) found on the Events link or on the Events Schedule section on the Home link. THIS WILL ONLY RESERVE ENTRY TO THE VENUE AND NOT A SPECIFIC SEAT OR TABLE. We will reserve tables for those with limited mobility, i.e., those with wheel chairs or walkers. Payment is only accepted at the door via cash or check to "Deer Creek Coffeehouse". Please only make a reservation for the shows that you are sure you will attend.

PATRONS WILL NOW BE PERMITTED TO MAKE ONLY ONE RESERVATION AT A TIME AND THAT WILL BE FOR THE UPCOMING SHOW.  The "Reserve" button will become operational one month before the first show and then within two days after subsequent shows.

If, in the course of a season, a reservee cancels twice or fails to show twice, or fails to show with less than the reserved # twice, or any combination thereof, for whatever reason, then that party will not be permitted to make a reservation for the next show. This will be strictly enforced now as we are just getting too many cancellations and no-shows to allow this to continue; nearly every show is sold out with some shows having wait lists. If a cancellation is made more than 48 hours in advance of the show or if a substitute is found then this would not be held against the reservee. PLEASE CALL 443-877-7125 WITH CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGES TO RESERVATIONS.

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